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Tobacco Control & Cessation Centre

Why should you make your clinic a TCC Centre?

Making your clinic a TCC Centre will enable you to impart extended service to your patient. A better utilization of the treatment time, impart valuable education to your patient, earn credibility and respect of patients by tobacco cessation activities.

So, a TII dental professional

  • Provides valuable service of tobacco intervention
  • Earns credibility and develops an effective rapport with patient.
  • Contributes to the health of nation, by becoming an effective centre contributing to tobacco de-addiction initiative.
  • Gift your patients a “healthy smile.”

TCC Centre Benefits

As soon as the clinic has been certified as a TCC Centre a TCC Kit would be provided. This TCC kit is a very valuable start up tool.

    You will get the following in the TCC Tool Kit:-
  • CD for the dentist - which would have all the necessary initial information for the dentist, with which he/she needs to get equipped to start the tobacco intervention activities at his/her clinic. The ready to use CD has excellent information with supportive graphic and videos, so as to make it comprehensive and easy to understand.
  • CD for patients – has educational material. The patient can watch this in the waiting area of the clinic. The CD is extremely informative and provides information in simple language and in the most graphic style to convey the message in the best possible way. This will help the dentist in building further interaction with the patient to quit tobacco.
  • Manual – provides ready at-hand information, a guide that can readily be applied. The comprehensive information is designed to facilitate the dentist in the process of tobacco intervention.
  • Poster – can be displayed to deliver necessary impetus to the patient. It is not only informative and educative, but is designed to add an extra hue to the clinic’s appearance.
  • Handouts – ensure that all your efforts are taken back home. The handout would serve as a reminder to your patient to rethink about quitting tobacco.
  • Software for recording patient data – is installed on the clinic’s computer and is easy to use. This software keeps track of every detail of all the patients precisely, and can be retrieved any time. This can an effective educational tool for the patient to show his/her report card of progress in the de-addiction effort.

Tobacco Control & Cessation Training:

Formal training will be provided to all the dentists wanting to convert their dental clinic into a TCC centre, in order to strengthen their tobacco intervention service. These cost effective training will be given by the best in the tobacco intervention field.

Avail this opportunity to reach out to your patients needs more effectively.

Requirements for TCC Centre certification

Clinic where qualified dental professionals/counselors provide tobacco intervention services to help patients in their attempts to quit the tobacco habit.

Develop Protocol

  • For identifying tobacco use & dependence
  • For assessing patient's stand on quitting
  • For behaviour management techniques
  • For pharmacotherapy


  • Blood pressure monitoring equipment
  • Diagnostic instruments for oral examination
  • Spirometer ( optional)
  • CO monitor ( optional)

If optional equipment is not available the concerned tests may be referred to pertinent hospitals.

Quality Assurance and Evaluation

There is an overall clinic quality assurance system which includes procedures by which the practice and standards of the clinic will be assessed, monitored and improved where applicable. This would be in keeping with the currently followed best practice as suggested by evidence based data.

The Certification process

The Goal:

  1. To train dental professionals for tobacco intervention.
  2. To sensitize the dental community towards the issue of tobacco and its overall implication.
  3. To make tobacco intervention accessible to all for creating a healthy nation.
  4. To attain a central data base for tobacco related statistics and provide, this can be useful as an evidence base for the policy makers, professionals, etc.

What Would you Gain from the Certification Process?

The Dentist Would :
  1. Be sensitized to the issue of tobacco addiction
  2. Trained for getting his/her patients free from tobacco
  3. Gain credibility in the society and develop a better rapport with the community in which he/she is practicing
  4. Provide long term oral and general health benefits to all the patients accessing the TCC Centres.

The Process:

  1. The certification process initiates with online registration. After the initial registration process has been completed the TCC Test Kit is provided to sensitize the dentist.
  2. The TCC centre would have a TCC Centre Account on the TII website that would help the clinic gain access to patients enquiry regarding that particular TII clinic. The same account would also act as a database for the clinic with each patient’s detail easily accessible.
  3. The professionals would also be able to have an access to various workshops / seminars / symposiums held on a period basis for tobacco intervention training.